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Find peace at the Seven Ponds Retreat.

Seven Ponds Referrals & Renewal is a state of the art nature based renewal center located in Bennington, Oklahoma.

What Makes Seven Ponds Different


Over 80 Acres To Explore

The Seven Ponds Spiritual Retreat is set just north of the Red River on the famous Trail of Tears. This unique area, often referred to as Texoma, offers a wealth of wilderness experiences and spiritual habitats.

“When I came to Wilderness Renewal, I was ready to run. This place was different — beautiful and wild, but very calm. I was asked to wait until Doc came up to chat. I was thinking ‘I’m not here to chat. I’m here for someone to get in my head and stop the chaos.

Well, I’m still here six months later. I was taught to find who I really am. ”


We’re On Your Schedule

Your commitment at Seven Ponds Spiritual Retreat is entirely up to you. We have programs that last just a few days or programs that last several months.

The Wilderness Program. Camping, Exploring, Peace.

The primary purpose of our Wilderness programming centers on the power of nature in impacting behavioral change and critical thinking. At times referred to as Eco-therapy, Harvard biologist Edward Wilson simply states “ecosystems, nature, can put us back together, make us feel whole.” He’s right.

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The Images Program. Nature Redefining Renewal.

Images allows us to examine exterior events in relationship to an individual’s life field, in concert with the imagination, the memory, and the will to change.

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Intervention Program. Your Renewal Starts Here.

The Intervention Program is a first time offering designed for individuals who are facing enormous pressure from friends, family, coworkers and other forces to something!!! In an attempt to offer those facing a very important and perhaps life changing decision as to whether or not to enter treatment, Seven Ponds is offering this ten day self-intervention program for less than $2000.

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The Narrow Gate Program. Faith Based Renewal.

The Narrow Gate is designed to help those who have not found relief from their personal drama. Quite simply, Narrow Gate is a spiritual directive that examines exterior events that have occurred in an individual’s life field, in concert with simultaneous occurrences in the mind, the imagination, the memory, the will, and above all in the spirit.

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