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Why Seven Ponds


Located two hours north of our Dallas office, Seven Ponds is located far off “the grid”, on the Trail of Tears in the Texoma region of Oklahoma. Visiting is encouraged anytime throughout the week and accommodations are excellent. Our shuttles run daily to and from the facility and our Dallas office where aftercare counseling and intervention activities are provided in the evenings. And by the way, the fishing is unbelievable.

“When I came to Seven Ponds, I was ready to run. This place was different — beautiful and wild, but very calm. I was asked to wait until Doc came up to chat. I was thinking ‘I’m not here to chat. I’m here for someone to get in my head and stop the chaos.

Well, I’m still here six months later. I was taught to find who I really am. ”


Rehabilitation and transformation are very different for everyone. While daily required activities are usually a common thread in the treatment model, most participants have an instinct toward an emphasis that calls them. To that end, Seven Ponds offers four distinct programs of emphasis:

  • Narrow Gate, driven by faith based principles with all beliefs being recognized.
  • Idyllic, introspective examination of personal history as a path to enlightenment.
  • Wilderness, exam the concept of “forest bathing” and our connection to nature.
  • Images: examine cognitive behavior therapy with an emphasis on self-image.


Seven Ponds Rehabilitation and Renewal has emphasized the need for affordable services for over ten years. Services range in cost from $1,800 to $8,200 depending on length of stay and program selection. Most applicants qualify for grant funding under our national grant program to assist in reducing costs even further. Most insurances and credit/debit cards are accepted. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and tri-monthly payment plans are available. It should be noted that our average program costs are 65% less than the national average for similar services. Additionally we offer a ten day package of on-site visitation and review for those who wish to experience Seven Ponds prior to commitment to a formalized length of stay.

Find Peace At Seven Ponds

Seven Ponds Rehabilitation and Renewal is a state of the art nature based renewal center located in the Texoma Border region of Oklahoma and Texas.

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The Wilderness Program. Rigorous, Physical, Mental and Emotional Challenges.

The primary purpose of our Wilderness programming centers on the power of nature in impacting behavioral change and critical thinking. At times referred to as Eco-therapy, Harvard biologist Edward Wilson simply states “ecosystems, nature, can put us back together, make us feel whole.” He’s right.

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The Images Program. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT.

Images allows us to examine exterior events in relationship to an individual’s life field, in concert with the imagination, the memory, and the will to change.

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Idyllic Program. Your Rehabilitation Starts Here.

The Idyllic Program is a first time offering designed for individuals who are facing enormous pressure from friends, family, coworkers and other forces to do something!!! In an attempt to offer those facing a very important and perhaps life changing decision as to Whether or Not to enter Rehabilitation, Seven Ponds is offering this ten day self examination program for under $2000.

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The Narrow Gate Program. Faith Based Renewal.

The Narrow Gate is designed to help those who have not found relief from their personal drama. Quite simply, Narrow Gate is an answer to an individuals spiritual directive for clarity beyond formalized rehabilitation.

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