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IDYLLIC is a first time offering designed for individuals who are facing enormous pressure from friends, family, coworkers and other forces to “do something”!!! In an attempt to offer those facing a very important and perhaps life changing decision as to whether or not to enter treatment, Seven Ponds is offering this ten day self-intervention program for less than $2000. All the resources will be available for participants to receive unbiased opinions from trained professionals and para professionals, and to experience unique activities to quiet the chattering mind and make their own decision. Our library, video collection, meditation center, gym, kayaking equipment, and mountain bike trails will be available during the entire ten day period. Accommodations will include a choice of semi-private room, private cabin or sleeping under the stars. Community kitchens will allow for individual or group meals.

It has been our experience over the years that individuals who are “forced” into treatment have far less success in maintaining their sobriety and recovery based life style as they bear the scars of an admission conflict. A recent California study found during exit interviews of 1100 residential clients that 71% of the graduates found the program they just completed was NOT a fit for them. In the same study, 82% of the clients said that being forced into treatment was traumatic and caused them to shut down through most of their residency. Idyllic is being developed to prevent these unnecessary conflicts by limiting the time of introduction and decision to ten days, limiting the actual out of pocket costs, and most importantly, assisting the prospective new client in becoming a true stake holder in the actual decision.

It should be noted that Idyllic is a self-intervention project whereby participants are free to go off the grid and find their emotional plateau to think clearly and respectfully. If participants wish to stay in IDYLLIC longer to reach their decision they may do so in ten day increments. When the participant is ready, transition team members including family will assemble to receive the participant’s decision regarding admission to residential treatment.

Quick Facts
Program Focus Self-Intervention
Program Duration 10 Days
Average Cost Less than $2000
Insurance Accepted   Yes
Grants Available   Yes

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