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In the IMAGES program clients are afforded profound opportunities to go beyond the typical standards of residential treatment models. They dig deeper, more personally into the psychological imagery that creates the pain associated with their respective condition. When clients are able to redefine those images and glean out the true essence of how they have grown and learned and actually benefitted from their painful experiences, the images begin to turn positive and bring new, sustaining power to their self- image.

This is the power of the NOW. The new self- image is supported by letting go of the past, not re- living it or re-claiming it in anyway. But continuing to use it as a tool to grow and understand and most of all change and self-actualize.

To foster this new self- image, routine daily activities are designed and implemented at the IMAGES campus, including but not limited to, awakening within an hour of sunrise, morning nutrition, hygiene and exercise, journaling, meditation, reading, prayer( if requested), community service, community activities, kayaking, bike riding, twice each day therapy sessions, once each day small group session, art projects, cooking, living space clean-up, laundry, evening camp fires, star watching, and scheduled personal time.

The restorative value of simply being in nature promotes change because we are naturally drawn to connect with wildlife, trees and plants, water in all settings, and all that is healthy and thriving. Richard Louv, a well know researcher believes most of our population is suffering from “nature-deficit disorder” as people become more and more metro centered. He may be on to something.

Quick Facts
Program Focus Small Group Therapy
Program Duration 30 Days
Average Cost $1800-$8200
Insurance Accepted   Yes
Grants Available   Yes

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