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The Narrow Gate is designed to help those who have not found relief from their personal drama through contemporary counseling and therapy or self -help, 12 step programming. Quite simply, Narrow Gate is a spiritual directive that examines exterior events that have occurred in an individual’s life field, in concert with simultaneous occurrences in the mind, the imagination, the memory, the will, and above all in the spirit. Through spiritual direction and pastoral teaching, participants will be assisted in finding the transcendent reality, that layer of the mind that aspires not only to learn about what many call the “Mystery”, but to experience the possibility of the presence of GOD in the events and accounts of their life.

Through open, confidential discussions that are coordinated with reading, journaling, meditation, prayer, self- examination and reflection, Narrow Gate participants will be able to understand and access an inventory of the powers and vulnerabilities that make them who they truly are. To fully examine this inventory will require commitment and direction and will.

Narrow Gate is a powerful open ended program of compassion that actually has no religious component, other than to study and compare various historical events that are tied to a particular group. Participants will find the answer they seek not by focusing their consciousness on what they can rationally understand or logically communicate, but by being silent and receptive to the touch of an invisible presence.

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