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The primary purpose of our Wilderness programming centers on the power of nature in impacting behavioral change and critical thinking. At times referred to as Eco-therapy, Harvard biologist Edward Wilson simply states “ecosystems, nature, can put us back together, make us feel whole”. He’s right. We’ve been taking participants into the wild for years to initiate change in their physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual platforms that form the core of their respective self- defeating thinking and subsequent behaviors. Led by a former Army Ranger and professional wilderness guides, participants’ experience 10 to 20 days of daily activities designed to refocus their value system and self- perception.

Wilderness activities always begin on our refurbished 100 year old ranch located in between the Red and Blue Rivers on the Oklahoma / Texas border, often referred to as Texoma. The program enrolls 6-8 participants who have been accepted by referrals and appropriateness for the wilderness setting. The program is taxing both physically and mentally.

While in base camp, everyone enrolled participates in individual daily routines that include physical fitness, nutritional education and food preparation, staff interaction, as well as life coaching, meditation, journaling, forestry, and team building. All the activities are goal centered as each participant delineates their respective strengths, needs, abilities and preferences. Along with family input these activities assist staff in designing activities focused on cognitive realignment and identification of irrational thinking that supports self- defeating decision making while promoting anti- social personality development.

It should be noted that growing evidence from brain imaging research strongly suggests that cognitive behavioral based activities produce changes in brain chemistry similar to those produced by medications when they work. This new “proof” of how a person’s brain can be transformed by rigorous wilderness activity is giving credence to what providers and participants have known for some time: Nature and rigorous physical challenges can profoundly change a person’s quality of life, and may be the basis for long term change.

Quick Facts
Program Focus Nature Imersion
Program Duration 10-20 Days
Average Cost $1800-$8200
Insurance Accepted   Yes
Grants Available   Yes

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