Seven Ponds sole purpose is to deliver the finest most affordable alternatives to conventional treatment in a retreat like setting for individuals suffering from addiction and obsessive / compulsive use of alcohol, opiates of all kinds including prescriptions, and illicit street drugs.

Seven Ponds ranch lays within the Choctaw Native American nation and covers over eighty acres of rolling wooded hills which include multiple water features that are used in treatment daily. The rustic passive solar lodges were built in 2009 and offer comfort in lodging and seclusion supported by constant interaction with nature.

Our model is unique presenting an understanding that lenses focused on the past are often obstacles to personal renewal and recovery. We strive to focus on the future by connecting with the universal energy of the “Human Spirit” as an action to travel from pain and penalties we are experiencing into the investment of what lays ahead. Nature, wilderness, and new daily experiences offer us a sense of connection which is often difficult to describe in ordinary language. We offer the “language of metaphor”, attempting to create transformative communication using the phrase “it was like……”, to understand and express knowing never experienced before. Remarkable, rare experiences are keys to this model.

CLARIFICATION NOTICE: While reporting on completion of the Wind-Chimes on Seven Ponds Ranch being the largest such structure in the world, the TV reporter inadvertently referred to Dr. Michael Meredith as a psychiatrist. He is not. As noted in our news release Dr Meredith is a PhD therapist, retired from the University of California system, who is a leader in research connecting addiction to literacy issues and designing course work for masters-level addiction studies. In 2009 Dr Meredith was inducted into the California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Counselors Hall of Fame.

“I have spent five years looking for a program like Seven Ponds where I am treated as a unique individual with unique characteristics and needs. Seven Ponds programs have brought me back to life as a valued citizen of the world in sync with the Human Spirit” – Josh M

Our primary therapeutic application and process, Cognitive Behavioral Renewal

is a version of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This application is imbedded in four dynamic treatment tracks;

  • Wilderness Renewal
  • Self-Image Renewal
  • Narrow Gate Renewal
  • Iliad (a unique self-intervention track)

These tracks are of course individualized with a clear focus on each participants strength’s, needs, abilities, and preferences, often called the SNAP list. Seven Ponds rejects the concept of one treatment model fits all. Our goal is to establish a wholistic daily routine for each resident which includes physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual experiences in revolving treatment tracks, entwined with the concept of human spirit.

Seven Ponds Services

Drug Addiction/Rehab

Many of our residents have chosen one or more of our programs to act as their rehabilitation program for drug addiction and/or abuse. Seven Ponds offers programs ranging from 10 days to 18 months and grants are available to significantly defray costs. We serve adults aged 18 to 65, both men and women, and facilitate six months of aftercare treatment.Learn More

Opioid Treatment

Medically assisted opioid detoxification is conducted in collaboration with Alliance Health Durant, including 3-7 day hospitalization. Residential care follows detox and stabilization for up to six months. Maintenance programs are facilitated through local clinics. Financial aid is available for all levels of opioid treatment and assistanceLearn More

Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol treatment is available starting with in-patient care if needed at Alliance Health Durant. Treatment beds for long term care are available as well as community-based self-help programs. Aftercare programs are facilitated and highly recommended. Relapse admission is issued at no cost. Grant programs are available.Learn More

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Renewal

The core treatment fabric for all addiction and abuse resolution at Seven Ponds is self-guided cognitive behavioral therapy and renewal. Residents are guided to displace self-defeating mental images with new daily thinking patterns, a process we call “cognitive realignment”. Growing evidence for brain imaging research suggests that individuals who create and initiate their own individual thinking interventions can produce changes in brain chemistry similar to medications when they work.Learn More

Wilderness Program

Our primary purpose for wilderness treatment centers on the power of nature to impact behavioral change and critical thinking for individuals with drug and alcohol addiction issues. Often referred to as “eco-therapy”, Harvard biologist Edward Wilson simply states,” ecosystems, nature can put us back together, make us feel whole”. He’s right. Many of our residents have selected wilderness renewal as their core individualized treatment for addiction. Daily activities include kayaking, biking, weekly wilderness treks and core exercise.Learn More

Images Program

Images Renewal is a program focusing on an individual’s self-image as outlined in their daily thinking patterns, and their abilities to disrupt and displace self-defeating mental images; a process we call cognitive re-alignment. Growing evidence from brain imaging research suggests that individuals who create and initiate their own thinking interventions can produce changes in brain chemistry similar to those produced by medications when they work. These changes can be initiated and thrive as a daily routine.Learn More

Narrow Gate Program

Narrow Gate Renewal is designed to assist residents who have not found relief or recovery regarding their personal life circumstance, including addiction, through contemporary counseling, therapy, or self-help programs. Narrow Gate focuses on a spiritual directive to examine life circumstances and embrace the human spirit. Participants are encouraged to seek solutions and recovery not by rational thinking or logical communications, but by sensing an unseen presence unobstructed by the chattering mind.Learn More

Iliad Intervention Program

Iliad was designed as a self-intervention program for those who wish to have an experience where they conduct an honest and revealing “life review”, drawing uninterrupted conclusions as to whether they should participate in treatment. This is not a traditional intervention, but a multi-day event of meditation and contemplation and brutal honesty.Learn More


“We are what we think. 
All that we are
arises with our thoughts, 
with our thoughts, 
we make the world.”