About us

Seven Ponds has been under design and development for decades.


It all started in 2009 when its visionary team purchased an 80-acre largely undeveloped ranch, rich in timber, water and solitude, closely located to the “Trail of Tears” in southeastern Oklahoma, on the northeastern border of Texas, an area often called Texoma.


From 2009 thru 2012, the ranch was sculpted and textured with trails leading to seven uniquely different ponds, each filled with water from the 27 fresh water springs that permeate from huge ancient aquifer.

The ranch never runs out of water even with the most difficult of droughts, a metaphor extended to our many visitors and program participants that hope, change, and renewal never cease. Surrounding it all is an abundance of wild-life that seems to have grown extensively since 2009.

Surrounding each pond are lodges, cabins, a wilderness base camp, hiking/biking trails, and meditation/contemplation areas all designed to present a unique alternative to contemporary, conventional treatment/recovery programs.


In 2019 Seven Ponds entered the third and final phase of its fifteen year design and implementation plan.

Our new entrance way and on campus road, appropriately named “Peaceful Way” has been added to the official maps of Bryan County Oklahoma. And our final large engineering and construction project is now under way. The Wind Chime of Three Bridge Creek is a 74-foot high steel sculpted structure in a tribute to the Human Spirit which is at the core of our ability to change and renew. The stainless-steel chimes will ring continuously at different volumes and octaves, a metaphor for the unseen but very real change agent so many of us seek while experiencing nature.