3 Elements of Alternative Treatment Concepts

3 Different Alternative Treatment Concepts

3 Elements of Alternative Treatment Concepts

Seven Ponds Treatment Center offers a number of programs that are considered alternative treatment. We do so because research has found that individualized treatment must include several modes of core treatment. To this end, Seven Ponds Treatment Center is a small independent program that offers critical thinking training and lifestyle intervention in a relaxed inspired environment. Our four programs are as follows:

1. Images

  • Contemporary Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Focuses on self-image
  • Fosters lifestyle changes
  • Meditation and multiple reflective activities designed to renew and improve self-image

As an example, our community does not support the concept of guilt and shame due to addiction and self-defeating behavior. Instead, Seven Ponds Treatment Center promotes the courage and strength of individuals who have made the choice to change, and to consider their path prior to treatment an experiential chain of experiences that have made them unique and valuable to themselves, their families and their communities. Learn more about the IMAGES Program now.

2. Narrow Gate

  • Driven by faith-based principles
  • All faiths and understandings are recognized
  • Focused on the Human Spirit
  • Each individual is part of the higher power

Enter through the Narrow Gate, for the gate is wide and the road is easy that leads to destruction. The gate is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life and fullness. We search for the “glue” that holds us together through all that life has to offer. Addiction and self- defeating behaviors, poor choices and perceived realities are all challenging to overcome, but the Human Spirit that binds all experiences and all relationships can be realized through our nature to change and finally become “who we really are”. The Narrow Gate program is designed to offer opportunity after opportunity for each participant to renew and recover.

3. Wilderness Renewal

. Centers on the Power of Now

. Offers rigorous physical, mental and emotional challenges

. Focuses on irrational thinking

. Often called Eco-Therapy

Wilderness Therapy requires participants to leave their chattering mind behind and spend time in various wildlife habitats on treks of exploration that lead to personal exploration. Each daily experience, whether it be hiking, camping, kayaking, or repelling, works as a metaphor for the challenges and changes happening physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually (PIES). The wilderness team leads continuous discussion, interaction and isolation activities and journaling is a must. Wilderness therapy has become our most popular therapy model throughout the years.

Figure Out What Type of Alternative Therapy Works For You at Seven Ponds Treatment

Choosing a program that is right for you starts with educating yourself about your options. There are countless treatments opportunities out there, and Seven Ponds Treatment is proud to offer multiple programs that we think provide a premier alternative to formalized addiction treatment.

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