4 Coping Skills That Lead To Renewal At Seven Ponds

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4 Coping Skills That Lead To Renewal At Seven Ponds

While addiction recovery is an ongoing journey, the human spirit has the potential for renewal through specific coping skills. Without coping skills in place, nothing changes and you’ll find yourself back on a path that leads to the darkness of drug addiction.

At Seven Ponds Treatment & Renewal we believe in the renewal of the human spirit through exposure to core coping skills found in our many programs. Find out how these four skills can help you get back in touch with your true self during time spent at Seven Ponds.

1. Meditation and Relaxation Through the Images Program

The renewal of the human spirit is all about getting reconnected with the original self that you’ve lost through addiction. We think that one of the best ways to make this connection is through meditation and relaxation that can be found in our Images Program.

Meditation is a great way to really think about where you are in life, where you’ve been, and where you want to go. Drug addiction is merely a negative coping skill that you have the power to break free from. Take some time with us to do some soul searching through the Images Program found at Seven Ponds.

2. Spirituality

Although we don’t promote a specific religion, faith-based healing is one of the many coping skills that we can help you develop during your time on the ranch. Our Narrow Gate Program is one that has the compassion of faith-based recovery without the religious components.

Spirituality offers a source of hope, empowerment and, overall inspiration to follow your true path. This coping skill opens the door to the continuation of healing beyond Seven Ponds. Find out where your faith in your future can take you with our help!

3. Time to Yourself

Yes, meditation is a quiet time for self-reflection, but even time to yourself in-between our nature-based activities is an important coping skill. At Seven Ponds, we believe that the start of your day is the kick-off to how productive the rest of it is. This is why we give our patients plenty of time to enjoy breakfast, tidy up their rooms, and mentally prepare themselves for a positive experience with their daily activities.

These are all steps that can be taken offsite and can help you retain the mindset that will form as you open up to the idea of renewal at our Texoma ranch.

4. Physical Activity

Ecotherapy is one of the main services that we offer patients at Seven Ponds. We know that keeping your body active through physical activity is a great way to start building coping habits that can last a lifetime. Try out our Wilderness Program for yourself and find out how peace can truly be found while enjoying the ecosystem and our planned forestry activities.

Take Control of Your Human Spirit’s Renewal at Seven Ponds

The team at Seven Ponds knows that renewal and freedom from addiction are important to you. That is why we invite you to apply for one of our programs and experience the power of alternative addiction therapy.

Contact us to find out how to start your application and to learn more about the benefits of renewal at Seven Ponds.

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