Leading Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Leading Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

There are several different approaches to addiction therapy. While many have proven to be effective as therapeutic platforms, there is growing evidence to support cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as the premier therapeutic core approach.

With this in mind, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), integrated into its well-known wilderness renewal program, has made Seven Ponds Treatment Center a leader in individualized treatment and renewal. Many people considering addiction therapy are often surprised at the different variations that are available. Educating the community is one of our top priorities, so here are some key facts about the CBT technique.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Originally, cognitive behavioral therapy was developed to treat depression but has now proven to be extremely useful for patients dealing with addiction, trauma, and co-occurring disorders. In a word, the focus is on our thinking as a cuing mechanism for self-defeating decisions and subsequent behaviors. This means that those in  CBT-based treatment programs will discover how to identify the onset of dangerous thinking episodes, and divert negative thoughts from initiating self-defeating behaviors

What to Expect From CBT Treatment

During CBT there are several goals that treatment providers hope to achieve that will promote healing and mental clarity. Some of the key goals of CBT at Seven Ponds Treatment Center include:

  • Discovering and connecting habitual thinking patterns that lead to addictive behavior.
  • Identifying negative thoughts that trigger addiction behaviors
  • Finding out why negative thoughts are occurring

We’d like to point out that this therapeutic model has been found compatible with medication interventions, and as well as reality therapy and ecotherapy.

 Addiction Primary Care Institutions Now Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy has now become the core treatment therapy for hundreds of providers in the treatment of:

  • Alcoholism
  • Opioid dependence
  • Methamphetamine dependence
  • Prescription drug dependence

The Benefits of CBT at Seven Ponds Treatment Center

This therapy model brings with it several benefits that our community members carry with them as they move into aftercare.  Self-esteem, daily routines, analytical approach to problem-solving, listening skills, inner personal communication skills, and daily journaling are just a few of the daily skills supported by CBT programming.

Seven Ponds Treatment Center has been a leader in CBT development and application.

Through treatment methods that include relaxation training, self-awareness education, spiritual direction, modification of thinking patterns, and metaphorical applications of daily experiences, the clinical team at Seven Ponds Treatment Center has established a unique, individualized, approach for assisting their participants in “finding out who they REALLY are.” Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our professionals





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