Renew Your Human Spirit with Addiction Therapy at Seven Ponds

Renew Your Human Spirit at Seven Ponds

Renew Your Human Spirit with Addiction Therapy at Seven Ponds

Humans are naturally spiritual creatures that naturally long for something greater than ourselves. Sadly, addiction is a temptation that gives people the false sense of living in the moment and eventually disconnects one from their true human spirit.

At Seven Ponds Treatment & Renewal, our model is dedicated to helping you renew your relationship with the human spirit.  Addiction and the trauma of your life’s circumstances can make it seem like your connection has been cut off permanently.

Fortunately, we’ve found that exposure to the local ecosystem and the introspective practices of our many programs makes renewing your human spirit a reality that can be truly life-changing.

What Does the Human Spirit Mean to You?

The human spirit and spirituality, in general, can mean different things to different people. By definition, spirituality is a concept that focuses on the belief that people have about the meaning and purpose of their lives.

Alcohol, drug, or, prescription addictions have the power to sway someone away from their personal values and goals without them even realizing the disconnect with their human spirit until life has essentially crumbled around them.

Confront and Share Your Inner-Troubles at a Seven Ponds Retreat

We believe in helping you re-discover what the human spirit means to you. Our vibrant alternative to formalized treatment has been designed to help you naturally reconnect with your values and beliefs on your own time.

Whether you are a first-time fighter applying for our Intervention Program, or someone simply trying to get back on track after a slight de-railing, Seven Ponds has a treatment plan that will help you find your way back to “you.”

Our Wilderness Program Combats Physical Addictions

Escape the disappointment and pain of physical addiction through our immersion-based Wilderness Program. What better way to reconnect with your human spirit and personal spirituality than with wilderness activities that give you both a physical and mental renewal.

Venture off the beaten path to recovery with activities and daily routines that include but are not limited to:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Nutritional Education
  • Journaling
  • Forestry
  • Team Building

All of the methods we present in the Wilderness program help contribute to cognitive-based treatment that has the ability to transform a person’s brain and how they perceive themselves.

Spiritual and Emotional Power is Found Through The Narrow Gate

One of the biggest lies that addiction presents people with is the appearance of addressing our deepest needs. This attractiveness can damage our spirituality and send our brains the wrong signals with regard to personal gratification, safety, and what truly pleases the human spirit.

We invite you to take a step through The Narrow Gate and experience a faith-based renewal that focuses on self-examination, reflection, and being receptive to the invisible presence of your own human spirit.

Take part in the open discussions, journaling, and meditation that make The Narrow Gate program a powerful tool to reconnecting with what really matters.

Fostering a New Self-Image is Possible at Seven Ponds Treatment & Renewal

Even though you may know that you need to separate yourself from your addiction, the path to renewal is not one that should be traveled alone. Reach out to Seven Ponds Treatment & Renewal today to find out more about our alternative addiction treatment programs, our Texoma ranch, and more. We look forward to hearing from you.


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