Posted - March 29, 2019

Seven Ponds Treatment and Renewal is an alternative addiction treatment program for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. We believe that even though your true self may be buried under the mire of your addiction, your human spirit is still very much alive and ready to reintroduce itself to the world.

The vast majority of the people that come in for treatment are full of shame, doubt, and regret. The methods and programs offered at Seven Ponds help them reframe their train of thought and let them discover that their struggle is part of their path as a whole.

Dr. Michael Meredith is the founder of our organization, and he believes that with options like our alternative drug rehabilitation programs, there are so many opportunities for recovery.

“There’s so much in there that you can find out as a patient about who you really are. So much addiction, so much drug abuse is really designed by your subconscious to try and get you to find out what’s happening. You’ve done this for a long time, and you haven’t found out,” he says.


Even when the wind is raging. Even when life is raging, Seven Ponds asks you to listen. There are messages and sounds in that rage that are meant for you.

This is one of our key beliefs at Seven Ponds and that is why over the last couple of years, Dr. Meredith, his team, and patients themselves, have been working diligently on creating a massive wind chime that represents the human spirit and the benefits of the Wilderness Program.

“It’s a tribute to the human spirit. The fact that when it’s really windy and things are tough, that’s the classic metaphor. There is the wind but there is an also wonderful message under the storm.

It is core to what we are getting our patients to do,” Meredith says.

“We’ve been working on Seven Ponds for ten years. But all this time, I’ve been looking for a concept for a final, meaningful piece that will just bring out the human spirit and really have a sense of resonating.”

The answer began to be uncovered 3 years ago after the creation of the popular Wind Chime Grove on the Texoma property.

“I decided that we needed to take a look at a creek with wind chimes all over the trees. We found out that this would mean constant repair because they wouldn’t be able to withstand the winds that we have in Texoma. We had to find another way,” he says.

“I went down to our creek, Three Bridge Creek. I was walking and meditating trying to figure out how we would do this. I got down to the end of the creek where it meets the lake. I looked back and I thought, “What if we just built a huge wind chime? 30 – 40 feet off the ground, directly over the creek!”


According to Meredith, the wind chime will be the most significant focus of the ranch for most patients when they are at Seven Ponds.

The project is about 4 ½ months away from completion and boasts a design that represents the complexity of life and the journey to recovery itself.

“It’s got nothing symmetrical about it. Nothing is meant to be because life isn’t symmetrical. It represents an Eastern slope in the design and a Native American slope,” Meredith says.


The road to renewal from addiction is difficult and shouldn’t be traversed alone. Find a lifeline through the programs offered at Seven Ponds Treatment and Renewal. We’d love to hear your story and tell you how we can help. Contact us to find out more about our programs and location.