The chimes length from 30’ to 7’ and made from various metals

The arch will rise approximately 75’ from the creek bed

Since acquiring the land which Seven Ponds ranch currently occupies almost ten years ago, it has often been described to us as a “spiritual habitat”. Dozens of spiritual directors, monks, shaman and worship leaders have spent days meditating and in deepest contemplation while visiting.

In celebration of the inception of Seven Ponds ten years ago, its visionary team has embarked on the construction of it’s final major construction project, The Wind Chimes of Three Bridge Creek.
Three Bridge Creek is a subterranean fresh water creek fed by several springs. The creek was uncovered last year to run as a surface water feature. It has become a favorite area for residents, visitors, an abundant wild life.

The three bridges them selves are under off-site construction at this time and will be set in place in the spring of 2020. Each bridge symbolizes one of the three major challenges and subsequent decisions each of us must face in our lives.
The massive wind-chime project is underway with piping and expansion joints being welded on location. The chimes themselves will vary in length from 30’ to 7’ and made from various metals. The arch holding the chimes will rise approximately 75’ from the creek bed, making it the tallest wind-chime in the world. The design blends native American and Asian aspects of arching structures symbolizing the unity of the human spirit.

The Seven Ponds visionary team has spent the past three years designing, building and erecting what is considered to be the world’s largest wind chime in tribute to the Human Spirit as a vehicle of enlightenment and perpetual growth. (Application to the Guinness Record Book underway).

CLARIFICATION NOTICE: While reporting on completion of the Wind-Chimes on Seven Ponds Ranch being the largest such structure in the world, the TV reporter inadvertently referred to Dr. Michael Meredith as a psychiatrist. He is not. As noted in our news release Dr Meredith is a PhD therapist, retired from the University of California system, who is a leader in research connecting addiction to literacy issues and designing course work for masters-level addiction studies. In 2009 Dr Meredith was inducted into the California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Counselors Hall of Fame.