Program houses 8-10 wilderness male and female residents.
Program taxes both mentally and physically.

Intervention Program

Idyllic intervention is a first time offering for individuals who are facing enormous pressure from friends, family, coworkers and others to “do something” about their life style which is dominated by addiction, abuse, codependency, chaos and conflict, often focusing on the “wreckage of the past”.

The word “Idyllic” translates as “extremely peaceful, simple and pleasant without difficulties or dangers”. This is what we present to anyone who wishes to conduct a self-intervention; to go somewhere full of peace and tranquility and simply get away from it all. To decide what to do and where to go to find treatment and renewal without the trappings of guilt or shame or anger. Without being forced into a program or facility.


It has been our experience over the years that individuals who are forced into treatment have far less success in maintaining their sobriety and renewal as they bear the scars of an admission conflict experience.

The Idyllic intervention program was designed and developed for those who desire to have an experience where they conduct an honest and revealing “lifestyle and current situational review”, drawing uninterrupted conclusions as to whether or not they should participate in formalized treatment or perhaps alternative treatment, or treatment at all. The idea is to have Idyllic participants discover their respective path themselves based on their desire to change.


Idyllic is formatted to calm the chattering mind. We do not suggest what the participants problems may be, where the problems came from, or how they might be resolved.

The concept is to give participants a ten-day window in a serene, peaceful environment where clients come to their own conclusions. They participate in the Seven Ponds daily schedule and the supporting activities as they choose. They talk with other participants and staff at their leisure. They turn off social media and phones and computers while bonding with nature and serenity.

Medical interventions are available as well through our partnership with the New Visions / Alliance Hospital detoxification unit located in Durant Oklahoma. Many of the Idyllic participants choose to detox prior to their ten-day intervention experience in an effort to relieve the tension of possible withdrawal and post-acute withdrawal. This service is highly recommended for participants who are actively using.

Lastly, Idyllic intervention is an extremely affordable service costing less than $3000. Most participants fly into Dallas and use the daily Seven Ponds shuttle for the 75minute drive to New Visions or 90minute drive to Seven Ponds ranch. Our transportation team is available 24 hours a day and on weekends.

Self-Intervention 10 DAYS Less than $2000

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