Posted - May 18, 2018

You’ve probably set a lot of goals in your lifetime. Maybe you’ve done some New Year’s resolutions. It’s also too common to hear about those resolutions falling off after a month or too. The truth is, making goals is easy, but reaching them is challenging. Your Seven Ponds Rehabilitation team is here with some tools that might help you make and achieve your goals with more success.

The ever-popular SMART acronym is a well-known way of looking at goal setting, which dictates that goals should be Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, and Timed. Well here are a few other acronyms that might help you better frame your goal setting.


Clear goals are geared towards innovation. They:

  • Collaborative – Work with others, which helps increase your accountability when goal setting.
  • Limited – Goals shouldn’t be too broad, or take too long.
  • Emotional – Make goals that you can feel emotionally invested in completing.
  • Appreciable – When setting goals, give yourself milestones that let you see your progress.
  • Refinable – Life is full of unexpected situations. Allow your goals the flexibility to handle that.


Trying to keep it simple? Consider “DUMBing” down your goal.

  • Doable – Ensure that it is an achievable goal
  • Understandable – Can you explain the value of the goal, most importantly to yourself, but also to others.
  • Methodical – Make goals that you can create a practice and build habits around.
  • Behavior driven – If your goals react to behavioral cues and triggers, you’re more likely to fulfill them.

Goal setting is very important, but especially when it comes to rehabilitation and renewal. At Seven Ponds, we help individuals struggling with drugs, alcohol, and other obstacles to set goals to overcome these challenges and become the person they want to be. Contact us now for more information!